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Fencing scoreboard graphics

We recently created a graphics package for livestreaming fencing, which provides a read-out of the scoreboard to the Captivate (formerly Titler Live) software.

The details read from the scoreboard cover the "hit" lamps, scores, clock (including fractional seconds in the last 10s), period, red/yellow cards, and the priority indicator. On top of that, the package provides a place to enter the fencer names and nationalities, and set colours for them.

This is all made possible by the scoreboard offering a data feed. This one happens to be a Favero FA-07, which has an RS-422 interface.

We can build on this experience to create graphics packages for other scoreboards and for other titling packages. Most graphics packages offer an API that we can use.

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Controlling Lightroom with a Tangent Wave

Hardware control surfaces make your life easier - and faster! - when colour grading.

Speaking as photographers as well as videographers, wouldn't it be nice if we could use our Tangent Wave there on photographs too, without having to load them into Resolve?

Long story short, we did. We have created a plugin that lets you use the Tangent family of control surfaces (Wave, Ripple and Element) with Adobe Lightroom Classic. You wouldn't necessarily buy a Tangent just to use it with Lightroom - there are cheaper alternatives - but if you already had the Tangent, this will let you get more use out of it.

You can get it from tangent-lightroom on Github.

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Corporate promotion videos for Cambridge Partners

We made a series of videos to support a social media campaign by Cambridge Partners, a financial advisory firm. Here's one of them.


How to Break Into a Cinema short film

Ross was recently engaged as colourist on an indie short film, How to Break Into a Cinema, which is now available for on-demand viewing.

Amazon Prime Video (US)

Amazon Prime Video (UK)

Poster for "How to Break Into a Cinema"

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CoNZealand reveal/announcement video

We had some fun working on a reveal video for the 78th World Science-Fiction Convention, to be held in Wellington in 2020. Ross co-scripted, edited and animated this.

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